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Meet The Team

Adult Jiu-Jitsu Instructors:

Jake Fox

Jake Smith

Byron Jabara

Glenn Jarrell

Dane Swearengin

David Miller

Mike Visitacion

Cody Carrillo

Greg Andres

Kids Jiu-jitsu Instructors:
Matthew Lowe (Head Coach)
Glenn Jarrell
LJ Hermreck
Cassie West
Jason Adkins
Paul Waalkes
Mitchael Boughton

Zach Warner

Christy Harmon
​Bodhi North

Kickboxing Instructor:
Cody Carrillo

Fitness Instructor:
Kimberly Fox - Modern Kettlebell Sport & Group Fitness

Fox Fitness (A-Force BJJ) Blackbelts

Jake Fox - 3rd degree

Jake Smith - 3rd degree

Byron Jabara - 3rd degree

Glenn Jarrell - 2nd degree

Dane Swearengin - 2nd degree

Mike Visitacion - 1st degree

David Miller - 1st degree

Matthew Lowe - 1st degree

Nick Berens - 1st degree (Genesis MA)

Cody Carrillo - 1st degree

LJ Hermreck

Bill Horning

Taylor McMillan

Tony Farias (Fuzion MA)

Chris Snyder (Chaotic Jiujitsu)

Brad Schmidt (Chaotic Jiujitsu)

Manny Meraz (Animal House FC)

Abel Frederic

Craig Weaver

Jaramie Parrish

Joseph Sorenson 



Our Owners

Prof. jake fox

BJJ Black Belt

Jake began training in martial arts as a teen, dabbling in Judo, Karate, and Muay Thai before being introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1999. After a brief exploration of professional wrestling, Jake committed himself to the study of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since 2004, Jake has worked on learning as much as he can about the grappling arts. His love of fitness motivated him to achieve an M.Ed. in Exercise Science from Wichita State University. For over 5 years Jake was the head BJJ instructor at JMTK in south Wichita. At JMTK, Jake developed as a teacher and as an athlete. As a competitor, he has fought in sport jiu-jitsu, and in MMA and Muay Thai at the amateur and professional levels. Jake is a blackbelt under Prof. Andre "Tim" Monteiro.


Kimberly fox

Multiple time Kettlebell Lifting World Champion

Kimberly has 20 years of military service. 10 of those years were served in the health field as an Army combat medic, teaching combat medicine for five of those years. She holds an M.Ed. in Exercise Science from Wichita State University. Kimberly has trained in various martial arts over the last 10 years from boxing to Muay Thai to Jiu-Jitsu. Kimberly currently holds the rank of blue belt under Prof. Andre Monteiro.  She specializes in competitive Kettlebell Lifting and holds multiple world records and is a multi-time World Champion. She was the first woman to obtain Master of Sport International Class ranking in women's Long Cycle and Biathlon. She loves the group environment and teaches group fitness and kettlebell classes daily.

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