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Student resources

This page is contains useful information for new students and parents of our youth athletes. Enjoy the introductory videos and use the PDF links for information regarding curriculum.

please wear shoes


Student safety starts with proper hygiene. Proper hygiene starts with proper footwear. Please wear shoes or flip-flops when not on the mat. No street shoes on the mat. Wrestling shoes are allowed with instructor permission.

Mat Etiquette

Please refer to our full mat rules posted at the front desk.

uniform Requirements

Proper uniform includes a clean gi and belt. Machine wash and hang dry after every practice. For no-gi training; rash guard or gym t-shirt and shorts or tights with no pockets is required for practice. If your gear starts to retain odor, soak overnight in vinegar then wash immediately.

How To Tie Your Belt

There are multiple ways to tie your belt. This is one of the easiest and most common methods.

Beginners Curriculum

Kids Curriculum

Kids Belt Testing

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